• 781 Victoria Rd. S

    Posted on December 5, 2015 by in City Planning, Shared Opinion

    I recieved the following email regarding an upcoming application before council:

    Hello Mike,

    I write to express my thoughts about the proposed development for 781 Victoria Rd. S. and hope that you too will recognize the value of the natural open space to the health of our city and it’s precious groundwater. I ask only that you defer your decision to develop this property until the role of the meadow within the linked Open Space System of the City of Guelph is evaluated, with proper weight given to the requirements in the Official Plan to protect areas of scenic value.  

    This meadow also serves as an important recharge area for our groundwater and it has been noted that this property in particular is especially efficient in this regard.  The only way to keep our precious aquifer replenished is by allowing every natural phase of the recharge cycle to remain intact. The city of Guelph needs to take special care of our groundwater resource as we have limited water options if our aquifer is damaged.  I would also like to point out that this proposed development as well jeopardizes the water quality for the Carter Well which will only be 300 m from this proposed development.

    Please consider future generations when you take your stand. It’s so easy to give away our precious natural areas in this day and age and impossible to ever have them returned to us. 

    Thank you


    While I agreed with this constituent (and many others who voiced thier opinion on this development) and voted against it, I was in the minority and the application passsed

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