• City Easement

    Posted on December 10, 2015 by in City Services

    Original Email:

    I am a resident of Ward 4, and congratulate you on becoming our new representative. I am also attempting to move my business from Fergus to Guelph, to the above noted address, which I am currently having an issue with.

    The issue is that there is currently no severance for the sewer that connects across city lands, and this is preventing us from closing. We have been trying work with the city for this easement and have not had success to this point. I would like to discuss it with you when you have a moment please. Thank you.


    I spoke with the WMB over the phone and discussed the various aspects of the need for an easement. We agreed to wait and see if the issue would resolve itself between the City Solicitor and the constituents lawyer before getting additional people involved,

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