• Potential Development – Elmira and Whitelaw

    Posted on December 1, 2015 by in City Planning

    Prior to getting my City email up and running Christine recieved this inquiry:

    Mike and Christine,

    I am a constituent of Ward 4. I live on Freshmeadow Way. Recently I have noticed that the land behind my house (vacant property that faces Whitelaw and continues north to the intersection of Whitelaw and Paisley and then south to the intersection of Paisley and Elmira Rd) has been staked. I called the city and was told that there is a pre-grading permit issued for this lot.

    Can you advise of what is planned for this lot and the timeframe involved?

    Thank you,


    Staff Confirmed that the satking in question was regarding the delineation of the natural herritage system. It is my understanding that this is the ONLY part of OPA # 42 being contested and that there may be future development application forthcomming on this site. I will keep my eye on this issue.

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