• Truck Traffic on Elmira Rd

    Posted on December 9, 2015 by in Safety

    I recievd a number of calls from a constituent regarding dump truck traffic on Elmira Rd – a road identified as a “no truck route”

    Staff Response:

    Dear Mr. S:

    In regards to your inquiries to Councillors Salisbury and Billings, further to my voice message, please note under the City’s Traffic Bylaw heavy trucks are permitted to operate outside of the City’s designated truck route when needed to provide services and/or work. In this case the truck traffic on Elmira Road associated with the construction site is permitted.

    While these trucks are permitted to operate, the work itself must comply with the City’s Noise Bylaw and other regulations. I am aware there may be concerns regarding the time in which construction begins each day along with mud being left on the roadway. Given this information we will be following up with the site manager to discuss these concerns. I have also asked Bylaw Compliance staff during their routine patrols to monitor this construction site along with associated site on Fife Road and address Bylaw violations accordingly.

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, further should you require Bylaw assistance any time, you may contact the Bylaw Compliance office at 519 837-2529 and staff will be dispatched to attend.

    Yours truly,

    Doug Godfrey | Manager
    Public Services | Bylaw Compliance, Security & Licensing Department

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